The modern technologies allow to make communication easier. This allows micro and small companies to appear both in domestic and foreign markets (before it was unthinkable for the very high costs). Indeed now it is possible to export or import with reduced amounts and to do business not only with big distributors but also with small users or, even, the end users.

But the modern technology are not simple to be used. Unfortunately there is a widespread cultural resistance to their use by companies, and where they are used this is not done properly, often creating effects opposite to those desired (errors, waste of time, low productivity). The news in this sector complicate even more the situation since they press with high speed and it is not an easy task to constantly update for their best use.

Being specialised in this field (Business to Business E-commerce), we provide to companies the necessary assistance to face optimally the market (producing goods of high quality), taking care of the services that otherwise a small business would not be able (for cost and complexity) to create and support by itself.

We can find the right partner for You (both at nationally and internationally level), to report the offer that best suits Your need and to provide the whole business, legal and tax consulting required to reach Your target.

Moreover, if the company considers that an "e-commerce" website should be made, we can follow it in all its phases of implementation.